Closing out 2016 for the holidays

Our parent organization and partner, Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land, has been hard at work this year, onboarding GTS, conserving land (with trails in mind), and wrapping up year five. We’re off to a solid start in 2017.

Bill is managing year-end acquisitions of 12 new tracts of land and 3 conservation easements totaling 5,000 acres protected, and sales across the region. Jim and Tracie have been serving as a trail consultants in Hall and White counties, John, Tyler and Gwyneth have been reviewing RFP content,  while Lisa and Camilla recruit sponsors and speakers, Julia designs our brand, and Julio and Ashley arrange workshops and trailside venues for the Columbus trail summit.

We feel like elves in Santa’s shop still working hard at year end to finish strong. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to share our wrap up for 2016, but for now enjoy a fun little seasonal snowfall on our website.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Thankful for you


We are thankful for you!

We are connecting the trail community, expanding the knowledge base, and accelerating the trail network across Georgia. Partnerships with organizations like yours, which are willing to share the expertise, make it rewarding work and lifts the boat. So thank you.

 And with a few more expected next week, we have 50+ RFPs to review for GTS2017!

So stay tuned, we’ll be announcing our program and speakers in January. Until then, carry on and Happy Thanksgiving.

Afterwards, we hope you’ll join us, REI, and many others by hitting the trail on black Friday to #OptOutside.