Meet the woman who kick-started GTS

All my life, I’ve been riding bikes, hiking mountains, paddling rivers and seeking out those activities every place I visit on the planet. Being on a trail makes for wonderful escapes, new adventures and challenges, new friends, maintained health, fresh air and increased botanical knowledge.  And great photo albums.

tas on PATH
Tracie commutes on Stone Mountain PATH trail

Earning my Masters of Public Administration late in life allowed me to focus on which public policy I wanted to champion.  Clearly, alternative transportation solutions which often include recreation are my passion.  For me, active living is all about the intersection of health and mobility.  Trails offer both.  So with a background in graphic design (first career), leadership development (second career), public transportation policy, and some spare time during the job search, I reached out to all the trail gurus I knew in Georgia.

Public data from revealed there were 82 trail and greenway projects proposed or underway in Georgia.  I was familiar with many of them simply because I sought them out where I lived and across communities where I served as a mobility manager for a regional commission. Occasionally I heard about a few others while attending Smart Growth conferences, Transportation Camp, the Georgia Bike Summit and transit/mobility workshops. But something was missing.  No one knew about anyone else’s project or seemed to be sharing lessons learned.  Why wasn’t there an easy opportunity to convene this important community of trail experts statewide?  There was so much to learn from each other.

One snow day last year during the National Bike Summit in DC, I hoofed it over to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) office to see what I could learn.  RTC Development Director Kelly Pack inspired me with great advice, “Round everyone up and hold a summit.”  So in April 2013 I pitched the idea and have been recruiting and collaborating with numerous trail, greenway and blueway partners ever since, designing and planning the inaugural Georgia Trail Summit.  We got our start with a generous $5,000 donation from MillionMile Greenway and raised an additional $14,000 in sponsorships in six months, attracting 30+ trail groups to also endorse the idea.
It’s been an amazing team effort which I learned how to do way back in the McKinsey & Co years.  Join us for this timely conversation April 11 and 12 in Athens, a draft agenda is posted on the registration page. And thanks to my team: Jim, Brent, John, Lisa, Brad, Charlotte, Tyler, Bryan, Julie, Florian and Bill.

Tracie Sanchez, MPA, Trail Champion
and GTS Outreach Coordinator

“I love the outdoors, so I go out in it.”

Eventbrite - Georgia Trail Summit

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