Trail Reflections of 2015

Winter Solstice is here and its time to snuggle in and hibernate, so we’re wrapping up work here at the trail head.
Here’s a quick look back on our year and we wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! See you in 2016, which we predict will be a banner year for Georgia trails, and thanks for all your creativity, passion, volunteerism, and input.
GTS execteam
Our accomplishments in 2015:
  • Wrote Georgia Trails white paper and distributed at Transportation Lobby Day
  • Became a resource for letters of support for various trail projects: GDOT 285/SR400, Dunwoody-Brookhaven Trails, Truman Linear Park, Meriwether County Trails, TAP letter to 114th Congress, Coastal Georgia Greenway
  • Led our 2nd annual statewide trail summit with 180 attendees, 47 sponsors, and 60+ speakers
  • Met with DNR Commissioner and State Parks Director to plan the future of Georgia trails
  • Represented Georgia Trails resource at legislative study committees on Coastal Georgia Greenway
  • Drafted preliminary map of Georgia’s major trail networks, (completed and planned) including newly acquired DNR trail data
  • Orchestrated data sharing agreements with numerous organizations for ongoing mapping
  • Retained 70+ endorsers/sponsors for a Georgia Trails nonprofit concept
  • Began paperwork to incorporate and register Georgia Trails Alliance
  • Conducted monthly meetings and recruited new stakeholders and talent
  • Reached out to individuals at neighboring trail organizations to knowledge share: TN, FL, IN

This wouldn’t happen without our devoted team of volunteer trail hounds and you. Cheers to you all!

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