How did we do?

Over 200 trail lovers attended the Summit, which was a sell-out crowd and a first for us. Naturally we think it was a smashing success. But we’d love to hear your opinion too.

Take our online survey this week when you can. It contains 10 questions and it helps us and the Georgia Planning Association guide professional content choices.

Survey here:

And feel free to visit our resources page here for a list of attendees, slides you’d like to see again, and our exec summary (in progress).

Happy trails and we know you enjoyed re-discovering Columbus. Feel free to spread the word about their growing trails network and share your photos. Ours are on facebook and twitter tagged #GTS2017.

1 thought on “How did we do?

  1. GTS 2017 ROCKS!! Columbus GA was great! Venue and Hotel were Super!! Excellent Food and great to see old friends and meet some new ones.

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