Maintaining your trail brand

Loads of work happens on trails in the summer because, well, we have more daylight and the weather is suitable to get stuff done and volunteers flock to the trails. Thus our facebook and twitter feeds are full of new trail openings, connections, improvements, advocacy, and so forth. We see new looks, colors, brands and beautiful wayfinding. Often the map itself is the only element that deviates from the brand, until now. just tweeted the option to match your map to the colors of an image, any image. So we gave it a shot with our latest batch of trail photos. 5 seconds later…here is a sneak peek at the new trail extension that opened in our backyard this week and a color coordinated map of the area. We used a simple google map so the trail symbols are stars.

We hope you are enjoying trails this summer and will share your news with us.

Burnt Fork Creek trail map offers color coordinated maps to match your images

Sample map here:

South Peachtree Creek Trail – Burnt Fork Creek addition from Mason Mill Park

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