Introducing Dr. Anne Lusk: 2019 Georgia Trail Summit Keynote Speaker

Anne Lusk head shot 1 _L1A4195Dr. Anne Lusk is on a two-wheeled mission: to increase and improve infrastructure to entice more people to bike. A research scientist in the Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Lusk has more than 36 years of experience researching, designing, permitting and funding bicycle facilities.

Dr. Lusk holds a Ph.D. in architecture with an emphasis on environment and behavior and urban planning. She partners with individuals in public health and related fields to explore the associations between bicycle environments and policy, behavior, costs and health. Dr. Lusk is currently focusing on improving the safety of bicycling on the Longwood Medical Area in Boston and designing senior housing/assisted living/Alzheimer’s developments to incorporate a wide variety of bikes for all the residents, staff and visitors. She has been working with lower income ethnic minority residents in the Boston area to learn what bicycle facilities they most prefer. She also studied cycle tracks, sidewalks, and trees to determine the ideal location for trees to reach full maturity and shade bicyclists and pedestrians while cooling the city.

At the 2019 Georgia Trail Summit, she will discuss how to get non-traditional trail users outside, because better bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure entices more people to use it—which improves health and quality of life outcomes.

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About Walt Ray

Walt Ray is a landscape architect and planner who recognizes the value of public dialog and consensus building in developing the public realm. Walt works with the Trust for Public Land to activate and preserve the Chattahoochee River and its valley through planning, capital projects, programming, and marketing.

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