Georgia trail enthusiasts will flock to Columbus for annual spring summit

cva-sorba-eventPlans to create 60 miles of trails or alternative transportation paths in Columbus have finally gained momentum.

Early-bird rate expires Feb 28. Don’t wait.

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Take advantage of the early-bird discount by Tuesday, Feb 28.

Register for just $85 which includes 30+ presentations, 12 mobile workshops, several meals and 2 networking parties. On March 1, the fee increases to $100.
If you haven’t been to Columbus lately, you’ll be amazed at their commitment to regional trails and first-class urban planning. Our slate of speakers offers something for everyone.

Sincere thanks to our generous sponsors who make the Trail Summit possible.

Conservation speakers at the next Trail Summit!

Interested in hearing how land trusts activate their conserved areas for the public? We certainly are as we begin one of our first park builds with our parent organization Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land. Well, we’re all in luck; in April 2017, for the first time at the annual Georgia Trail Summit, five conservation groups are on the program:

will all attend the trail summit and share lessons learned in trail building, maintenance, and stewardship, they will share resources, successful volunteer management, restoration methods, and in one case the connectivity of 750 miles of trail.

We are eager to highlight the synergies in conservation work and trail development and hope that you’ll consider attending the summit, take some notes, and become a volunteer as we jump in to trail development. Thanks for being part of the family.

Register and/or browse the program here.